FIAC 2014 23-26 October 2014
Applicat-Prazan rive gauche /Rive droite 4 November – 20 December 2014

The “Schneider, Oeuvres majeures autour d’un tableau d’exception” exhibition, shown at the FIAC in 2006 enjoyed great success. In May 2007 Applicat-Prazan showed at the gallery “Mes Années 50, Collection Alain Delon”. The subtle palette of a great artist, Geer van Velde, was on display in September 2007 at “Presence, silences, hommage à Geer van Velde. In April-May 2008 the Poliakoff exhibition marked a milestone for the artist’s career in the international art market, as was the Atlan exhibition organised from October to December 2008 concurrently with an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou of a gift to the nation of works by the same artist. Dialogues I Autour de Pierre Soulages, October to December 2009, marked an important chapter in the life of the gallery. The monographic exhibitions Pincemin and Fautrier in October 2010, followed by Alfred Manessier: Tours, Favellas and other monumental works, in 2012 certainly made a deep impression. Still in 2012, our exhibition of Masson, 1934 – 1944 at Art Basel revealed a fresh interpretation of the talent of this great surrealist, the key to all post-war abstract expressionism. In 2013, our Tribute to Maurice Esteve attracted many collectors at the Salon du Dessin in Paris. In 2013 the Serge Poliakoff exhibition at the FIAC was a resounding success, and the 2014 FIAC saw the opening of our exhibition of 16 major works in Georges Mathieu – Peintures 1948-1959 which met with great interest and approval from the public and the media. At Fiac 2015, the gallery exhibited a selection of 24 paintings by Maurice Estève from 1929 to 1994.