Selective and exclusive

Applicat-Prazan is a gallery dedicated to the principal artists of the Post-War School of Paris, including:

Karel AppelJean-Michel Atlan, Martin BarréJean René BazaineRoger Bissière, Victor Brauner, Camille BryenSerge CharchouneCorneille, Olivier DebréJean DubuffetMaurice EstèveJean FautrierOtto FreundlichRoger-Edgar GilletHans HartungJean Hélion, Auguste HerbinAsger JornWifredo Lam, André LanskoyAlberto MagnelliAlfred Manessier, André MassonGeorges MathieuSerge PoliakoffJean-Paul RiopelleGérard SchneiderPierre SoulagesNicolas de StaëlVictor Vasarely, Bram van VeldeGeer van VeldeMaria Elena Vieira da Silva, Otto WolsZao Wou-ki

Located in Paris at two sites, one on the Left Bank at 16 rue de Seine, the other on the Right Bank at 14 avenue Matignon, it rigorously selects the most significant works by its artists.

Applicat-Prazan works with collectors, with whom it develops long-term relationships of trust.

View of the gallery rue de Seine
Franck Prazan


Bernard Prazan, a long-standing art collector, founded his first gallery in 1989.

Specialising since its inception in paintings of the highest quality by the principal artists of the Post-War School of Paris, Applicat-Prazan settled in 1993 at 16 rue de Seine on the Left Bank of Paris, in the very heart of the art gallery district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

The end of 2010 saw the opening of a second address on the Right Bank at 14 avenue Matignon.

Since 2004, Franck Prazan has been running the gallery.

Before succeeding his father, he was formerly Managing Director of Christie’s in France. As such, he oversaw its development from a simple representative office to a fully fledged auction house, moving the company to Avenue Matignon in Paris.

Under his management, Applicat-Prazan has enjoyed significant development, while the philosophy of the gallery has remained true to its founding principles:

– Hyper-specialisation, which has led us to focus our skills uniquely on the Post-War School of Paris and on the most significant artists of this period;

– Hyper-selectivity, confining our choice of paintings to those we judge to be of the highest standard;

– A policy specifically adapted to the private collector, who by definition has long-term interests, mitigating the effects of speculation.

Rive gauche gallery
Rive droite gallery


Over the years Applicat-Prazan has developed an international reputation with monographic or thematic exhibitions, such as, for example:


Applicat-Prazan exhibits at:

  • Artgenève
  • Tefaf Maastricht
  • Art Basel Hong Kong
  • Salon du Dessin
  • Tefaf New York Spring
  • Art Basel
  • Frieze Masters
  • Fiac
  • Fine Arts Paris
  • Art Basel Miami Beach
  • Art Basel Paris