At this edition of FIAC, from 18 to 21 October 2018, Applicat-Prazan presents 12 historical paintings by artists who belonged to Michel Tapié’s ‘stable’. The exhibition will
subsequently be shown at the Left Bank gallery from 27 October through to 22 December 2018. This remarkable art critic was amongst the very first to spot this Art-form that was called “Autre” or different and which goes from Informal art to Gutaï.

Co-edited with Skira, the catalogue will accompany the exhibition and pays tribute to this discoverer of genius. By means of this refined selection that includes works by Appel, Wols,Dubuffet, Fautrier and Shiraga, various specialists evoke the life and choices of Michel Tapié. These include unpublished contributions by Juliette Evezard, Doctor in History of Art and well-known specialist of Tapié, Baptiste Brun, Doctor in History of Art, researcher and teacher of the history of Contemporary Art at the University of Rouen 2 and Edouard Lombard, Director of the Comité Mathieu.